We want to say “thank you” to our clients for taking the time to comment about our services. Your comments are valuable and help to maintain and improve the quality of professional pet care services provided to our clients.

Comments from clients of Love Bugs about their customer satisfaction:

“Thank you for another great petsitting service!! We love you guys!! Nothing like peace of mind to be able to pack suitcases and walk out the door knowing that everyone left behind is in great hands!! The cats are always excited to see us (the tortoises, not so much – lol), no one is moping around like we abandoned them, so they must be happy with you too!! Otherwise, we’d see symptoms of discontent. Even Rusty acts like there is nothing different – and his behavior is a huge clue when there is change or something new or something not right. He’s like the emotional thermostat we can read when we return. LOL Anyway, you are definitely appreciated for the service and peace of mind you provide!!! Thanks!” -Jan, Ed and the whole “family” of Kennesaw

“Thank you so much for taking care of Bailey!” -Nancy of Marietta

“We found Love Bugs a few years ago and gave the idea of leaving our dogs in their own comfortable environment a try. It was the best thing we could have done for our pack.” -Kim of Woodstock

“Thank you so much for providing outstanding service to our furry & feathered children. Happy Holidays to you & yours!” -Linda of Marietta

“I used Love Bugs just recently to watch my two buns when I was out of town. Naturally, the buns can at times be wary of new people but Jennifer (our sitter) made an effort to get them used to her. It’s great to know my fur-babies weren’t just fed and glanced in on, but actually interacted with and taken care of.” -Jenny of Acworth

“I have been using Love Bugs for over 5yrs and cannot find anything I don’t like about them or their service. Michele is excellent. She treats our dogs like family and is very dependable. My mind is at ease when we go out of town. I know our dogs are in good hands.” -Sheila of Canton

“Thank you so much for taking care of our monsters! :D” -Jennifer of Marietta

“Glad you can do the Saturday visits! We did have his bump looked at by the vet last weekend. They said to keep an eye out for changes. Thanks for being observant!” -Penny of Acworth

“The ‘kids’ wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for the new tennis balls! And for just taking great care of them.” -Linda of Acworth

“Thank you again for watching our kitties.” -Traci of Marietta

“We were very pleased with your service and plan to call on you again.” -Mary Lou of Woodstock

“Hi. They seem to really enjoy your visits! Thanks for working off a lot of their energy!!” -Linda of Acworth

“Thanks for everything!! You’re the best!!” -Karen of Acworth

“These days it’s hard to find a someone you can trust. Love Bugs was recommended to me by a lady I work with. I understood why after they had cared for my two cats while I was out of town. The quality of care was excellent and the customer service I received was outstanding. My cats are very picky and they don’t warm up quickly to strangers. By the time I returned home, they had already taken a liking to the pet sitter. That speaks volumes to me. Keep up the good work!” -Becky of Acworth

“Thanks so much! There is a tip on the check for our pet sitter. And, we have another trip coming up soon.” -Michele of Marietta

“Thanks. You do a great job.” -Meghan of Marietta

“Thanks for watching our boys while we honeymoon!” -Kara of Woodstock

“Thank you and your associate for taking such good care of my babies while I was in Houston.” -Deborah of Marietta

“Thanks. The dogs were so happy when I got back.” -Deb of Kennesaw

“Thanks for your help with our pets. I appreciate it.” -Valerie of Marietta

“Thanks again for your wonderful pet services.” -Steven of Acworth

“I appreciate your service to visit Cali during the daytime. It is a great help. Thank you.” -Wendi of Marietta

“Thank you again! It’s so great knowing our boys are in good hands!” -Kara of Woodstock

“Here is a tip for our pet sitter! Please let her know that we and Carlisle appreciate everything she did for us while we were out of town. She did a great job and we will definitely be using your services the next time we go out of town. Thank you again!” -Monica of Kennesaw

“Thank you so much for taking care of our boys. Your service is a life-saver!” -Paul of Woodstock

“You were 100% correct about [the kennel]. That was pretty much a disaster. The large cages were smaller than I was told on the phone and they really are nothing other than the same ones that they use at the pound. I dropped off the dogs with new huge nylabones to give them something to do all day – when I picked the dogs up, I was told they ate them?? not possible. So they looked again and found them, they were still brand new in the bag I left them in. Both dogs had been bathed and I swear they doused [one dog] in some kind of doggie perfume, he stinks, why?

I asked about their swimming, if they were able to do group swims with other dogs or if they had to go solo. They didn’t know. Ditto with playtime. I doubt they did that either. No training for [one of my dogs], although on the phone they said he could go to 1/2 hour lessons with one of their assistants for $30 per lesson, apparently the folks there didn’t know anything about that. [One dog] has lost some weight. Both are slightly dehydrated (dark yellow pee). I am rehydrating them slowly. Both came home wild eyed and nutso but are now sleeping soundly.

So for $215 they were probably locked in a small cage for 4 days with a few brief potty breaks so they could hose out the cage. The only positive thing I can say about the place is they were able to keep [my one dog] from escaping and both times I was in the caged areas, the cages looked pretty clean. I also got a good look at the suites that have “furniture” and a “feeling of home” ummm…no! They are just 9×9 rooms with wallpaper borders and shelves. The doors are glass and the dogs can look into the lobby but that’s about it.

You can pass this on to any client considering [the kennel]. I think my neighbor who loves [the kennel] is nuts.”