Pet Adoption

Adoption is a Loving Option

Remember, the first step in reducing shelter dogs is to Spay & Neuter.

Pet Adoption is the LOVING option. Here are a few reasons why. First, you’re
saving lives, more than just the pet you adopt. If you adopt from a shelter you’re
making room for another pet or you’re allowing other pets a better chance for
adoption. In an age of going green, pet adoption just makes sense!

Also, adopting is smarter than buying from a pet store or backyard breeder. The
majority of these purebred pets are the product of irresponsible breeding to make
some easy money by breeding pets and often selling in the classifieds. These
backyard breeders are not breeding for favorable health and temperament nor
raising a properly socialized litter. They can become puppy mills to increase their
supply to sell in a pet store and make higher profits.

What are puppy mills? A puppy mill is basically a purebred puppy factory farm where
the puppies are produced as fast as they can and then sold to pet stores. The dogs
are kept in small cages and forced to breed at unhealthy rates. That cute puppy in
the window has a mama dog somewhere who may be forced to breed perpetually her
entire life in a small cage.

Looking for a certain breed? There are many healthy, socialized purebred pets
in shelters right along side beautiful, loving mixes. You may try contacting a
rescue group or club for that breed.

Remember that the decision to adopt should not be made hastily as this will be
your lifelong companion and you want both of you to have a happy relationship. If
you have room in your heart and home and want to save a life – Adopt!

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Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe.

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