Love Bugs and our Employees are proud to have served North Metro Atlanta’s pet sitting needs for almost a decade. We are looking for quality pet sitters who want to grow with us, animal lovers with a passion for helping people, those who possess great attention to detail, good communications skills, and are organized and professional.

We care for pets which includes feeding, walking, and picking up after pets, giving treats, brushing, playing, giving lots of love, attention and belly rubs, administering medications if necessary, scooping litter, watering plants, cleaning off muddy paws, drying wet paws, and bringing in mail. Pets in our care include cats, dogs, and other small pets; dogs can range from 4 to over 100 pounds. All applicants must have a computer, smart phone, reliable transportation, and the ability to maintain a flexible schedule. This is a perfect job for the stay at home mom, college student, or retired professional!

Being a cat whisperer, dog trainer, pet rescue volunteer, former vet tech, or other animal related experience is a plus. We are looking for special people willing to commit to be part of a great team of like-minded partners. If you can stand a daily dose of kitty cuteness, don’t mind being on the receiving end of wet doggie kisses, and would benefit from unlimited pet therapy, this is the job for you!

BENEFITS of working with our Love Bugs team

  • Working with LOVE BUGS – it really is the best! We believe it is essential to support our customers, our pet sitters, our community, and our environment!
  • Joining a well-established company of almost a decade with a solid reputation in the community.
  • Being part of team that is making a difference in the quality of pets’ lives. By enriching the lives of our pets, they in turn enrich our lives! While being home every night by six or spending all day with family during the holidays is rarely possible when you are a full-time pet sitter, you are part of a team. So if you plan ahead, we can usually work something out so that you have quality time with family and friends, and for yourself too.
  • Becoming a part of the Love Bugs family!! We work long, rewarding hours and our staff and clients become our LOVE BUGS Family. We work for our clients 365 days a year at all hours. We often watch their pets grow up, we are there to help when there is a sudden death in the family, and we are often there through many life changes like retiring or going back to work. Our clients rely on us just as they would a reliable friend or a trusted family member. We have helped many pet owners new the area and even helped as some prepared to move away.
  • You don’t have to get all dolled up. Phew, one less thing, right? The pets don’t mind how you look as long as you are there to love and care for them.
  • We hire Employees, not independent contractors. This is important to you because taxes are withheld for you and you are covered by our insurance should anything happen or something breaks. You don’t have to purchase your own insurance. Again, one less thing, right?
  • Direct Deposit. Who doesn’t love direct deposit?
  • On the job training and continuing education courses.
  • And so much more!

Duties of a Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
(i.e. what the job is like)

The most crucial skill is a pleasant outlook on life. You must be able to handle cat hair on your pant legs and muddy paw prints on your shirt, with a positive attitude and a smile. Being a professional means going above and beyond to give quality service and taking pride in a job well done. This means that your head isn’t buried in a cell phone gaming, texting, or making personal calls on the job. You are alert, aware of your surroundings, and always looking out for danger like unexpected stray pets or wildlife that could upset or injure your furry client. Our clients trust that we will look out for their pets, keep them safe and happy, above performing just basic skills.


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