Prepare for Your Vacation

Prepare for your Vacation

NEW CLIENT: Schedule an initial consultation prior to departure to establish your pet’s needs and contact information with the pet care provider. Be sure to mention unusual conditions such as leaving toilet lids down due to Fluffy’s obsession with jumping in and taking a swim.

ALL CLIENTS: Before leaving your pet be sure you have left enough supplies like food, treats, cat litter, toys, kongs, and cleaning products. Secure the yard for pets that will be going outside taking care that gates are closed or locked. In some areas it is unlawful to use a tether whether chain, cable, or rope as a secure enclosure for a pet, so check laws in your area before you leave. Inform your vet, emergency contacts, and alarm company that a pet sitter will care for your pets while you are out of town and give them the name of your pet care provider.

Remember to put ID tags on your pet if they don’t normally wear them when you are in town. Check around the house for dangers that your pet could get into while you are gone such as choking hazards, cleaning products, or toxic plants. It’s safer to put as many things away as possible while you are gone. Let your pet sitter know if your pet has special needs during storms or fireworks. Be sure to let the pet sitter know any special instructions you might have if these situations were to occur. If it will be dark during your pet sitter’s first visit, leave outside lighting on. For added convenience and security for you and the pet sitter, leave timers on your lights.

UPON RETURNING HOME: Your pet sitter should confirm with you that you made it home safe. In an emergency or due to travel delay, if your pet sitter has not been able to reach you or has not received a call or email from you, the pet sitter will be prepared to make the next regularly scheduled visit to your pet.

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